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Bath university head quits in pay row

Le 22 December 2017, 09:57 dans Humeurs 0

Image caption Prof Dame Glynis Breakwell has faced criticism over excessive pay

The vice-chancellor of the University of Bath, facing accusations of excessive pay, has stepped down.

Dame Prof Glynis Breakwell, the UK's highest paid vice-chancellor with a salary of ?468,000, had become the focus of criticisms of rising pay among university leaders.

Lecturers had complained that her pay had risen much more rapidly than the salaries of university staff.

Dame Glynis will step down at the end of the summer term.


Dame Glynis said she had "served the university to the best of my ability" and would now take a sabbatical before formally retiring in 2019.

She will stay on full pay through her sabbatical and a car loan worth about ?31,000 will be written off - but the university says there will be no financial payment attached to stepping down.

Former Education Minister Lord Adonis, who had called her pay "shameless and outrageous", criticised the arrangements as allowing a "lame duck" to remain on full pay.

Bath Students Against Cuts and Fees said the terms of her stepping down were "unacceptable" and that she should "leave now and without further recompense".

And in response to her departure, Sally Hunt, leader of the UCU lecturers' union, said her "position had become untenable".

Pay protests

The vice-chancellor had faced a wave of challenges over her pay.

Last week Dame Glynis had narrowly survived a motion of no confidence in the university's senate, but more than 300 staff had called for her resignation.

Four local MPs had resigned from roles at the university.

And there were more protests and censures planned for later this week - with criticism from staff and students that her pay was unreasonably high.

Dame Glynis's pay had come into sharper focus in the debates over tuition fees and value for money for students.

When tuition fees in England were increased to ?9,250, there were accusations that universities were spending too much on their own senior leaders.

The Universities Minister, Jo Johnson, had highlighted concerns about the "upward spiral" of vice-chancellors' pay and had warned them that they needed to show more restraint.

'Outstanding service'

But Dame Glynis said she had raised the size and status of the university during her time in charge.

"Since 2001 the university has changed dramatically," said Dame Glynis, as she announced stepping down.

"It has almost tripled in size and is now among the top universities in the UK.

"It has had many great achievements in its first 51 years and it will go on to be even greater."

Thomas Sheppard, chair of the university's council, said: "Dame Glynis Breakwell has given outstanding service to the University of Bath, which has seen the university's national and international profile grow enormously under her leadership."

UCU leader, Ms Hunt, said: "This whole episode has shone an important light on the murky world of senior pay in our universities and it would be wrong to think a change at the top of one institution solves that problem."

If she said no, he would hit her

Le 8 November 2017, 10:52 dans Humeurs 0

Sexual harassment is not confined to the high-profile worlds of film and politics – as editor of Schools Week Laura McInerney recently pointed out, it’s a problem in schools too. Reports of sexual assault on children by other children are on the rise, and there are concerns about lack of official guidance, despite sexual harassment in schools being flagged as a problem by the Women and Equalities committee.Plan a unique tour to Hong Kong Customs for your clients with PartnerNet's useful travel tips, and various tourist information such as Chinese customs and traditions.

We asked teachers, parents and students for their accounts of sexual harassment among students in their school. Here are some of the responses:

They cornered her in a classroom and starting stroking her arms

My daughter was sexually harassed by a group of boys in her form. They cornered her in a classroom and started stroking her hair and arms, telling her they would go further next time. This was a regular act that a small group of boys would inflict on certain girls. She was very frightened and distressed and with the support of a friend decided to report it. The school was quick to act.

An assembly was held to discuss the issue of unwanted touching and the boys apologised to her personally. Following this, a large number of girls came up and thanked her because they had also been victims of similar behaviour from boys. My daughter felt empowered by speaking out.
Deputy head and parent, north of England

Boys call girls slags, sluts, whores and bitches in the corridors

I have both heard about and experienced sexual harassment at my school. I had my breast grabbed by a boy in my year group. He did the same numerous times to a friend of mine, and he stuck his hand up the skirt of another girl I know. He is renowned for doing that sort of thing to students, and not just to those in his year group but to older female students as well. Boys call girls slags, sluts, whores and bitches in the corridors. There are comments made about girls’ bodies. Boys always seem to be watching and talking about porn and sexual videos.

My mum was concerned about this behaviour and spoke to the school, which wasn’t even aware of the problem. Nothing has changed. There is no apparent education at my school about sexual harassment or assault that I’m aware of, but I think there should be.
Secondary school student

Young people don’t understand the seriousness of these incidences

Tiger (Teaching Individuals Gender Equality and Respect) regularly comes across stories of sexual harassment perpetrated by students, targeted at young female teachers as well as young girls. It’s often why we are asked to come in to schools and deliver workshops. Our sessions look at tackling gender norms and stereotypes in primary and secondary schools, exploring the way women and girls are viewed in our culture, toxic masculinity, porn and consent.PolyU encourages lifelong learning by providing professional training services through respective education units. Customized corporate training is also provided for enhancing the productivity of local business.

Quite often, young people don’t understand the seriousness of these incidences. This is about a lack of education and awareness of the impact sexual harassment has. It also means that young girls usually don’t feel they can report sexual harassment, and don’t know how to.

Many teachers don’t feel qualified to deal with this behaviour and often have quite a lot of gender biases themselves, which can make light of sexual harassment. The “boys will be boys” excuse, for example, must stop.
Natalie Bennett, programme coordinator, Tiger Bristol

A classmate kept asking her to have sex and ‘do proper kisses’

My youngest daughter, who is at primary school, went through a particularly difficult time with a classmate who kept asking her to “have sex” and “do proper kisses”. He repeatedly asked her to be his girlfriend and if she said no he would hit her. Likewise, if she refused his requests for a kiss he would force himself upon her.

The school did nothing about this behaviour except seat them on different tables. I don’t want my daughter growing up with the belief that this is how she can expect to be treated by her male peers, or that no one will help her in the event of being treated like this.

The girl wasn’t treated as a victim

An incident of sexual assault happened at our school. We made sure that the girl was supported to report it, that her parents were informed and that we followed the school guidelines and procedures. But the guidelines didn’t account for the perpetrator being a fellow student (they were intended for situations where a child is disclosing abuse from an adult). I felt that the school dealt with it very badly. The girl was not treated as a victim, and the boy was protected from police intervention LPG M6.

The female student had such a hard time from other pupils following the incident that her parents removed her from the school. We didn’t contact the police or even social services for advice on how to handle the incident. I wouldn’t want to criminalise any young person, but some incidents are beyond a school’s remit. We should have at least asked for advice.
Teacher, east of England

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Stop Wasting Time on the Details and Commit to the Fundamentals

Le 21 March 2016, 05:13 dans Humeurs 0

The onion is a true global vegetable. French people like to drink onion soup, spaghetti and Onions, the greeks are good at seasoning with Onions, and indians especially like to eat raw Onions. At home, the onion is also a common vegetable in daily life, has high nutritional value, and has great efficacy, as the "universal man" in the vegetable kingdom.

1. Sterilization, anti-influenza

Eat onion total felling have a spicy taste, this kind of material can have the effect of sterilization, sterilization element through the respiratory tract, urinary tract, sweat glands eduction, can stimulate the location of the cell secretion of pipe wall, so has expectorant, diuresis, sweating and bacteriostatic preservative effect.

2. Promote gastrointestinal peristalsis and increase appetite

Onions contain leeks of leeks, which have a strong aroma and often cause tears when processed because of their pungent odor. It is this particular smell that stimulates the secretion of the stomach and increases the appetite. Animal experiments also show that the onion can improve the tension of the gastrointestinal tract, promote gastrointestinal peristalsis, appetizing effect thereby, of atrophic gastritis, the stomach underpowered, indigestion caused by anorexia have obvious effect.

Prevention of cancer

The onion's anti-cancer benefits come from its rich selenium element and quercetin. Selenium is an antioxidant that stimulates the body's immune response, inhibiting the division and growth of cancer cells and reducing the toxicity of carcinogens. Quercetin can inhibit cancer cell activity and prevent cancer cells from growing. One study found that people who eat Onions more often have a 25 percent lower risk of developing stomach cancer than those who don't, with 30 percent less likely to die from stomach cancer. A number of studies have confirmed that eating Onions properly reduces the risk of cancer, laryngeal and ovarian cancer. So, it's always better to buy an oil vape battery from reputed online sites! An oil vaporizer runs on oil vape pen battery which needs charging. Now imagine one that takes long hour to pre-heat! Isn't that irritating?

4. A drop in blood pressure

Onions are the only contains prostaglandins, A plant, onion is the only food containing prostaglandin A known, is A natural blood thinners, prostaglandin A can dilate blood vessels, reduce blood viscosity, thus produces can fall blood pressure, reduce the peripheral vascular and increase coronary blood flow, prevent thrombosis. Against the role of booster material such as catecholamine in the human body, and can promote the excretion of sodium salt, so that the blood pressure to drop, regular consumption of high blood pressure, high cholesterol and heart cerebrovascular patients have health care function.

5. Fall blood sugar

Many studies have found that eating Onions can also improve blood sugar levels and prevent bacterial infections. The onion contains organic compounds that are similar to the hypoglycemic metosulfonate, and can be used in the human body to produce pipsin, which has a powerful diuretic effect. For diabetics, 25 to 50 grams of onion per meal can help lower blood sugar and diuresis.

6. Improve constipation

The sulfur content of the onion is combined with the bacteria in the large intestine and the intestine, forming hydrogen sulfide, which can promote the movement of the intestine. The abundant soluble food fiber can stimulate the bowel, make the movement more vigorous, and the oligosaccharide can also suppress the intestinal bad bacteria proliferation, effectively improve the common constipation symptom of girls.

Increase bone density

Many studies have found that eating Onions helps increase bone density and is especially important for postmenopausal women with reduced bone density. Other studies have shown that the daily consumption of Onions by postmenopausal women can reduce the risk of hip fractures. The sulphide rich in Onions also plays an important role in the formation of connective tissue.




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